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Since 1935, Simcoe Hall Settlement House has been a non profit community resource centre dedicated to assisting less advantaged children, families and vulnerable adults whose lives are affected by poverty.

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About Simcoe Hall

Simcoe Hall Settlement House is a not-for-profit community resource centre. We believe in a community in which all members have the same fair opportunities and strong foundations upon which to build their future, independent lives.

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We all want our community to be one in which people are as healthy and independent as they can be but not all children and adults live with the same advantages of adequate food, shelter and clothing. Not all children and adults make their way through life’s trials with supportive family, friends and neighbors.

That’s where the vital programs and services of Simcoe Hall Settlement House step in.

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Food Bank Donations

By donating you're helping local families in need

Donations are always welcomed at our door at 387 Simcoe St South in Oshawa.
The Food Bank is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9am – 11:30am and 1pm – 3pm. We are closed completely on Wednesday, but we still can accept food donations on this day.
Please have a look to view our most needed items to see if you can help.

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