How You Can Donate

Over the next 3 years our goal is $300,000
3% Donated/$290,000 To Go
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Your donation to Simcoe Hall Settlement House will go towards many different elements that allows Simcoe Hall to do what they do.

Everything from the funding of our programs (Food Bank, Christmas Hampers, Seniors, After School, etc) to maintenance on our building. You can be assured that your donation will greatly help out and be put to good use. For more information check out the video below.

Donate Now

Other Ways You Can Donate

Do you collect Shopper’s Drug Mart Optimum points? You can support us by donating your points to Simcoe Hall Settlement House. By donating, you are making it possible for us to use your points toward the purchase of products and supplies we need for ongoing operational & fundraising activities.
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Donors can sign up to become part of our team. You can shop through Flip Give and companies donate a percentage of those sales back to Simcoe Hall. When you become a part of our team and shop within the first hour, Flip Give automatically donates $5 towards Simcoe Hall. It’s the perfect way to give back.
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