About Food Drives

Whether you’ve been inspired individually or as a family or group, getting involved in or holding a food drive is a really great way to contribute to Simcoe Hall.

Since our Food Bank is serving more people than ever with over 1,200 clients per month, even if you only collect ten items in your food drive, those ten items will make a difference in the life of someone struggling with hunger.

Food drives don’t need to be record-breaking to be successful; they just have to help one person living with hunger in your community.

Here’s a few tips on how to hold a successful Food Drive:
  1. Choose your start and end dates.
  2. Determine how you will collect the food and other donations:
    • At your place of work
    • At your home
    • At a local parking lot (good idea to get permission)
    • Pick up donations by driving to donors, curb pick-up etc.
  3. Determine how much help you need to enlist:
    • Make it a family affair
    • Enlist the help of your friends
    • Get a few colleagues interested at work…
  4. Get the word out!
    • Create some posters and post them around the neighbourhood
    • You can also do some minor social media promotion, such as creating a personal post and asking community members to share it, creating a Facebook event, asking local community leaders to post about it and more.
    • If you’re hosting a food drive at your office, you can send out an email to the office mailing list and post more information in the break room.
  5. Enjoy a successful Food Drive!

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