Create a fundraiser to honour someone you love, celebrate your birthday or wedding, or simply to challenge yourself! It takes just a few minutes to start fundraising for Simcoe Hall… and you can start at any time.

Why Fundraise for Simcoe Hall?

1. Support Simcoe Hall

As each year passes the number of people moving to the Region continues to increase and the demand for our services has reached an all-time high in 2023 due to the high cost of housing, fuel, groceries and an unstable job market.  Your efforts can make a big difference!

2. Make an immediate impact!

Whether that includes new supplies for our After School and Seniors programs or to assist with our busy Food bank.  We’ll make sure your efforts help where it’s needed the most! Your funds will be quickly used to help support Simcoe Hall’s programs.

3. Have fun bringing people together

It feels good to give back. It feels even better to rally your community and make a huge impact with the help of your friends and family.

4. Your supporters receive a charitable tax receipt.

Donations to your fundraiser qualify as a charitable tax credit, providing more incentive for your supporters to give!